Paris Or Maybe Hell - Demos

by Max DiRado

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wait up for you to come home -- cause i love you to death hold up, when are you coming home?
Song For Joy 05:14
My life seems dull at first I know But then I look into my arms And see The best friends I could ask for And they really love me a beautiful ocean at the bottom of the street a life so beautiful I jump up to my feet Will you look me in the eyes? Please, See me as once child a blank slate They paint in A painting running wild See first light and Finding out that I can smile Or growing older Being this guy for awhile Have I ever hurt you Will I ever cause you pain? I beg for your forgiveness And to see me through the change And if I hurt you in the past And if you hate me you’re entitled to that And if I never win your trust It’s hard to hear but I can understand as much All I need is some encouraging I’ve been moving but not wandering Wearing truth and not protection Baring love and not expecting Finding faults and correcting Keeping friends and connecting I will share your happiness your grief I will share your joy if not belief I will share your time not be a thief I will be your cause and your relief It’s no real struggle but it’s mine How to speak with love while I’m still speaking my mind How to spare glance while sparing thought How to be okay when I’m not How do I tell you I’m in pain When I seem shameless it’s to cover deeper shame And that I’m scared, scared sick that I’ll be scared the rest of my life Too scared to sleep so I don’t sleep and don’t think right How do I tell you all of that Without everything changing and you and me still making you and me laugh It’s like a montage in my head Every good joke that any one of us ever said 1am and Pat is knocking at my door Hearing Jill singing through the floor Steven and I crying driving far away from home Albert’s magic tricks he does when he’s stoned I’ve felt a lot of things but never felt alone If this is happiness it’s all I’ve ever known My life seems dull at first I know But then I look into my arms And see The best friends I could ask for And they really love me a beautiful ocean at the bottom of the street a life of good memories to keep
Why do you look older, no new wrinkles on your face I saw a photo from years ago and something must’ve changed Look at us we’re old We’ve got bags these under our eyes You’ve got heart break and I’ve got heart break And they’ve nested in our minds So our eyelids hang lower And they don’t open so wide And we’ve both gotten real comfortable with staying inside I don’t hear from you so often I don’t know what’s on your mind If you were to die tomorrow I’m not sure how quickly I’d be notified Come on get closer Why do you look older; is it I’ve just filled you in? I bet you’re a whole new set of colors to me than you are to steven And maybe moving home from LA is just reckless abandon But I went there to be loved and just feel taken for granted And if I saw you tomorrow You’d have your arms spread wide I know I’d feel a little better if I could go outside Cause my shoulders hang low And my neck’s so tired And my head’s flopping around like I’m a new born child Come on get closer
looking to completely change lyrical style of this song!
Growl 02:10
you don’t cry, you beast, you howl and when you’re hungry you growl hold yourself together or we’re no better than them fold yourself together know you’re no better than them for a buddhist you’re in quite a rush ha na na hanana na x2 you never ask me you never ask me you never ask me why you think you feel enough you bruise and bleed i know you think you do but you’ve never felt what it’s like loving you
my first go at politics mixed reviews among friends
Salt - Demo 01:45
i just want to see you tonight
2015 - demo 05:32


all songs performed/recorded/produced by Max DiRado
(which is either a flex or an excuse)

Tracks 2-6 10, 12, and 13 made during covid quarantine

Artwork by Mike DiRado
Album Titled Stolen from David Bowie

A bunch of fully or partially finished demos but wanted to share all that i've been working on.

I want to change the album title to
"Where the Artificial Rain Forever Falls" but that'd change the link


released December 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Max DiRado Boston, Massachusetts

Insta: @diradomax
for all my music videos!

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